One Simple Thing I Have Learned

I have never considered myself to be a prideful person, but sometimes I can be unintentionally closed minded. The older I get the easier it is to forget that people have gone through these big life changes that I am going through now AND they are a great source of knowledge. I feel like I am so quick to rush into doing things and then I stress myself out. I completely forget I have so many people around me who are willing to help whether that be through offering a quick piece advice or taking time to talk me through their past experiences.

I have a very self driven personality, which is not a bad thing at all (shout out to all who are bull dog/go get em personalities) but sometimes that trait can be the one thing that holds me back from achieving my goals in the most Simple effective and efficient way. So I challenge all you self driven, goal reaching, people who like to and are used to doing things on your own; take advice when offered and don’t be scared to ask questions. Asking questions is the only way you will learn!  You are still reaching your goal. You may be able to avoid the same mistakes that someone else made and make your own new set of mistakes. Either way, it is not a sign of weakness to sometimes rely on the knowledge and experience around you.

P.S. I am buying a house. That is where all of this came from.


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