The First of Many

Bread, bread and more bread!

So part of one of my New Years resolutions is to tone my muscles. More specifically my abdominal muscles. It is going to be quite the journey because I love carbs. I love complex carbs, simple carbs, simple sugars, processed sugars. I guess you could say I just really appreciate all kinds of foods. That is one thing you can not eat excessively when you are trying to obtain visible abs.

So I decided to start documenting my wonderful creations that taste amazing but are also easy to add into your daily macro counting.

My first recipe is an item you can have for breakfast or a desert after dinner. It consists of 1 p28 bagel , 1 tbs of plain yogurt (I use Chobani or Icelandic) and then one tbs of your favorite fruit preserve! Mine is Raspberry.

Then boom. You have a delicious sweet treat that has a lot less fat and carbs and a whole lot more protein then flavored cream cheese.



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