These Things Just Happen

My life. Sometimes the things that happen in it make me wonder if I should hire a cheap videographer that can just constantly film and try and make money by becoming a new weekly sensation on youtube. I have not quiet done the math yet, but what I can tell you is that the things that happen to me, sometimes, seem like they only happen in a movie.

Like there was that time my cat lit his tail on fire. ( I do love him, but he is not the brightest)

One time out here in good ole Missouri, I started driving on the wrong side of the road and it didn’t register until I saw head lights coming towards me. That one was actually terrifying.

Or there are the multiple times I have tripped, fallen, or run into stationary objects while in public.

A time I was deep into a conversation with a person, when I accidentally picked up their beer can that was right next to my Mountain Dew and took a big drink of their beer instead. (Don’t get me wrong. I like beer, just not when its the persons that I am talking to and they just look at me like I am psycho cause they see whats about to happen but I don’t realize it until I take a drink)

You get the picture.

All of that brings me to two of my most recent experiences. Both involving things being stolen out of my car. Now, I did not give the thieves who took things from my car the first time enough credit. I just didn’t know the contents of my car very well. Originally I thought they only took what was going to be my Christmas present to my roommate. Super cute, glass painted Marilyn Monroe drinking glasses. When in reality, they took those, a pocket knife (that also didn’t belong to me), and my GPS. So they actually made out with some spoils.

I can not say as much for the person who most recently took something out of my car, because I KNOW they had to have been disappointed. First, I have a question. I am going to put a picture up and you guess what it is.


A purse! Exactly!……..No, wrong. It is a lunch box. I must admit that even looking at it now…it still looks like a lunchbox to me because I never saw it as a purse. I knew it was a lunchbox the second I bought it because it was on the sign that directed me to buy it. I got it cause it looked classy and was super cute!

You can probably see where this is going. On Thursday morning I went to the gym like I do every morning. I get there around 5:30am and leave around 8am.  I get to work and go to grab my bag and my lunchbox that I specifically remember packing that morning. The lunch box is not there. So I just brush it off and go inside thinking maybe I left it at home. Fast forward. I run home at lunch and its not there. So I retrace my steps. “I know I packed it and I vaguely remember putting it in my passenger seat this morning, I get to the gym, I grab my stuff and I……….wait………I did not lock my car.” There it was. I was pretty sure it had been taken.

So, someone opened my car door took my lunchbox (thinking it was a purse). All I have to say is that they must have been sorely disappointed when they opened it. Not only because I am sure they were expecting $$$, but also because I had already started eating clean so the contents of that lunch box were as follows: a can of tuna packed in water, 5 oz of baked potato dry (meaning nothing on it, at all) and my poor roommates can opener. That means she has lost out on both instances that my car has been invaded by strangers. If they had taken it a week earlier there might have at least made out with some fried chicken or something.

Either way, the thieves have struck again. Keep it classy Springfield… and good luck on your lunchboxnapping.


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