Trends in Mobile & Social Marketing

I don’t generally post about my field of work, but I think that may change. I love marketing and the twists and turns that technology throws into the task of being able to successfully market a company. So, I present to you….

How Mobile is changing your Customers views on shopping

Want to know 4 retail trends that are changing the way vendors are marketing and using social media? I was reading an article by BI technology and will be reiterating the facts that they state in their article throughout the rest of this post as well as some thoughts of my own. The highlighted points in this article will show you and your executive team how Mobile technology is completely changing marketing and sales with technology and social media.

  1. Cell Phone Takeover

In a recent marketing conference that our department attended we learned that consumers are on their phone about 150 times a day and people check their Facebook on average 15-20 times a day.  According to BI technology 60% of consumers’ time is spent interacting with retailers is not through a mobile device. That is up from 53% recorded last year. Mobile devices such as tablets, cell phones, laptops are all increasing as platforms that are used to bring consumers and retailers into contact. If your product or website is not optimized for mobile viewing then you are missing out on a large portion of the market.

  1. Taking optimization to the next level

To expand on that last point, optimization is important but will soon be secondary to having your own company shopping app. This can be something as simple as creating some-where that consumers can get on and see your product and purchase easily. This trend is so big that Apple opened up a new category in their App Store labeled “Shopping”. This category holds numerous e-commerce, auctions, price comparisons, and product review apps. If your business is looking to boost their mobile engagement.

  1. Beacons of Hope….for your wallet.

You may be curious as to what a beacon is. Well, I will tell you. Beacons are small, wireless devices that allow brands and retailers to push mobile coupons and promotions to shopper’s smartphones based on their physical location. Due to the rise in mobile app shopping the creators of beacons took this as a hint for proximity based promotions and marketing. The researchers of app analytics company Furry the usage of shopping apps on mobile devices increased 174% in the year 2014 and is only rising. That being said, merchants that have physical locations or offices may want to see how useful beacons are proving to be.

  1. The Kardashian Kraze

We all know who the Kardashians are whether we want to or not. Not saying you should get them to endorse your brand, but that family is a great example of how affiliate marketing is making its way back to the surface. If you think about affiliate marketing you are probably thinking of weight loss programs, diet pills, teeth whiteners or even certain body care products. All of those are great examples but now, major retailers and publishers are moving to use performance-based marketing to drive sales of all sorts of products, including clothes and technology. If your company’s industry is trending because of something a celebrity said, capitalize on that moment and make sure you point out that certain famous someone mentioned your industry and create content that will capture the audience’s attention that you grabbed by mentioning the celebrity.

With technology, the media expanding day-by-day it is important that you continue to effectively market to your audience. That may mean changing up the way that you reach your potential customers.


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