The Team. 

I am young, but I am not too young to understand how a team works. I also understand that a business is a team and without each member/department that team wouldn’t reach its full potential.

Let’s use the Olympics as an example. The following situation is completely hypothetical. So use your imagination.

If the 2016 Summer Olympics were to have ended at 6:30pm on August 18th, Great Britain would only have had a 3 medal lead against China.
Now let’s say Great Britain’s Olympic Sports teams as a whole, decided that they didn’t need the diving team so they told them not to come. So the diving team, feeling unsupported decided to sit this one out.Then, GB’s medal count would be tied with China right now.

This is all hypothetically of course. Stay with me.

Now let’s go even further to say Great Britain also decided to leave their Trampoline team at home, because honestly, who even watches trampoline anyways….

Then China would have beat Great Britain BEACUSE Great Britain wouldn’t have reached their full potential…BEACUSE  they didn’t think they needed their whole team….Or even worse they thought their fellow countrymen’s sport wasn’t relevant……

Each part of Great Britain’s team was vital to their success in winning against China in this hypothetical situation.

Not only was each sports team participation necessary, but the encouragement of teammates between sports is necessary. For example the USA’s Men’s Basketball team attended a few matches of the Women’s Volleyball tournament! Why you may ask? Because they are proud of their teammates and their country. They know that each sport is necessary for the overall goal of having the highest medal count.


If you want to read more about how supportive the US women’s team is you can check out some tweets.

One thing that you do not see in the Olympics is Michael Phelps trying to tell Simone Biles how to transition on the uneven bars. You don’t see Kerri Walsh trying to tell Allyson Felix how to run the 200m. You do not see this happening because that would be insane. Someone with little to no knowledge or experience in professional swimming telling someone who is a 5 time Olympic swimmer how to do the butterfly. That is not a thing.

In a business, in order to be successful, a company is split into departments because no one can specialize in and know everything. Each of these departments are working towards a synonymous goal and that goal is productivity. Just like each individual sports team in the olympics is trying to make sure their country has the highest medal count. If each department in a company decided to only focus on themselves and what would be best for them there would be discord. Taking a step further, if Department A started telling Department B (no correlation) only the things they are doing wrong OR…that Department B isn’t doing it’s job right (when really Department A has no clue)..OR….. even blaming Department B for something they themselves did wrong…the business would soon become self destructive and ultimately end up having a lot of issues to iron out. Halting productivity.

A business has one goal that is to provide their product and make that product better than their competitors so they can generate more revenue than competitors. A lot of factors go into that and each department and each member of a department is necessary. If each department is not working synonymously and supporting each other, it’s not a business, it is a bunch of people working towards a similar goal that MIGHT produce something that obtains short-lived success.

A business is a team.




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