Be Carefree – #NationalJunkFoodDay

It is proven that one cheat meal a week incorporated into a healthy eating plan will actually keep you eating healthy, longer !

Our bodies crave certain things and when you deny your body what it wants for too long, you will lose, and then binge on whatever ever is closest to you. Anything (as long as it is not a harmful substance) is alright in moderation.

A few of my weaknesses are as follows: Donuts, cookies, cheesy bread, pancakes, buffalo chicken pizza, bagels loaded with butter, mac n’ cheese and probably 100+ more things I don’t feel like listing.

What are your weaknesses/cravings?

On a day like national junk food day, when I believe it is okay to be Carefree ,what is your go to?!


2 thoughts on “Be Carefree – #NationalJunkFoodDay

    • sgrammo says:

      It is easy to go overboard, and I have totally done the same; but allowing that day to splurge is important! 🙂

      I have even had some friends that say they have lost the desire to incorporate a whole day maybe just a meal every once in a while.


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