The Storm of Life.

Death. Hatred. Sadness.

Storms that have overtaken the news. It is easy to be taken over by an overwhelming sense of sadness while hearing about recent events. Mistakes have been made and apologies are few and far between. Hatred is running wild in the streets of every city. Negativity is the the top of mind feeling when talking about social divides between races.

This is an ugly storm.

The only way the people of this nation will make it through this storm is if there is a revival of love, perspective, and forgiveness.

Our communities are lacking love and perspective. Love is not easy, it is something that takes work. Taking yourself out of your personal bubble and trying to see someone else’s perspective is even harder. You may have been raised in a home where racism was a normal thing and loving and respecting people who are not the same race as you is hard. That doesn’t mean you should not work towards loving everyone, no matter where their roots take them. On the other hand, you may have been raised in a home that teaches diversity and that there are different groups of people but we are all human.

Seeing the overall picture can open your perspective. Our culture is terrible at encouraging people to get out of their own perspectives and trying to see others. You can not crucify an entire group of people for something one or two of those people have done. Especially while the people you are crucifying are suffering or have suffered the exact same loss as you. Everyone’s lives matter. Their skin color, religion, or social standing should not play a role in the value of their life.

Sometimes the hardest part of forgiveness is realizing, even though you may not have meant to, you have done something wrong and hurt someone else. I do believe that these recent shootings were mistakes made by our law enforcement. Mistakes made because of a fear instilled into current police officers, from past events, where law enforcement have lost their lives. This is not an excuse by any means. This is reality. Just like racism is a reality. Racism against all people groups.

This storm is not the beautiful kind. This storm is not the kind that you can admire from a distance and not expect any fall out. It is the kind that rips through a nation leaving broken homes and casualties along the way.


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