Be the fat burner.

In a previous blog I mentioned fat burners. According to Google the definition of fat burner is

An over-the-counter drug that claims to burn calories by increasing the body’s metabolism.

You can find natural fat burner supplements or certain foods and spices that naturally help you burn fat and maintain a fast metabolism. You can also find ones that are not so natural and made with ingredients like hydroxypropylcellulose. (No clue what that is). Some fat burners work by increasing your body’s metabolism and others can work by increasing the overall temperature of your body. Some do both. There are so many different options and I am here to try an help who ever reads this, to choose the one with the most benefits.

I can tell you one that you do not want to use. Hydroxycut. *Shown below* From personal experience I found hydroxycut and dietary supplements that are not FDA approved as well as full of ingredients that you can’t pronounce are more for people who are looking to be in a fitness show. Not for everyday use. Even the producers of hydroxycut advise you to not take 2 bottles in a row and also break between each cycle of pills. It helped me burn fat but the way I felt overall was absolutely miserable. fat burner

By pairing hydroxycut with intense workouts I lost 16 pounds over the course of about a month, and that was eating everything. I also had plenty of energy for my day (sometimes too much). I could see physical results in muscle tone and had trouble not losing weight. These are the positives.

Looking at the not so positive sides. I was constantly sweating, always hungry, dilated pupils, completely crashed after 8pm (I mean like pass out from exhaustion), broke out in acne on my back and face and when all was said and done, I gained all 16 pounds back in just under 2 weeks. The results were there but even the FDA put out warnings about this product doing more harm then help.
If you want that extra help with boosting your metabolism there are a couple products I recommend that are also multivitamins. Opti-Womens or GNC Women’s Energy and Metabolism boost. I have found that these two multi-vitamins help give me energy to make it through the day feeling awake and alert. I also have the extra boost at the end of the day incase I did not get to my workout in the morning.

Something to remember: Be the fat burner. A fat burner supplement alone will generate no results. It must be paired with consistent exercise, and healthy eating in order to obtain the best results. The term “exercise” means getting your heart rate elevated to your target heart rate and then maintaining that for 30-60 minutes a day. If you don’t know about target heart rate, check out my first blog post, Health, Life and Happiness.  You don’t have to go to the gym and run until you feel like you can’t go on living. You can tailor your workouts to your body to achieve the results that you want.

We only get one body, so treat it with respect.



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