Connected – Understanding “The Cloud”

Generally I leave the tech-blogging to work but the cloud has always been something that has confused me.

After reading and doing some research I think I finally have a basic understanding of the cloud.

Almost everyone uses the could and we don’t even know it.

  • Have you ever made an Amazon wish list?
  • Do you have an email account on Yahoo or google?

Those platforms all use the cloud! All of our emails are stored on Yahoo/Google servers somewhere. They are on physical servers, but they aren’t on our laptops. The good thing about that is, that when you spill your bowl of spaghetti on your laptop, you haven’t lost all your emails!

Here is a simple analogy to explain how the cloud works. (A little exaggerated, so use your imagination with me) Imagine an extremely cramped dorm room and it is around finals time. You and your roommate are sharing a desk because your second desk is full of unfolded laundry that neither of you have had time to fold an put away. Not to mention your term papers are spread out all over the floor of the dorm because you still need to edit them. You are eating and always at risk spilling your ramen or coffee on them every time you need to eat or drink. What is the worst is your roommate is in the same class as you and is trying to take your answers. There is absolutely no room for anything else. You are stuck in this room for another 2 weeks, but after that you are finally free!

One day a girl who lives alone on your floor comes to your room and says that you can rent the extra space in her room for 5 dollars, all the way until the end of finals. So you pretty much have another half of a room. It may only be two weeks but you take the deal. It takes you less than 5 minutes to carry your stuff to your new desk and organize your thoughts. You no longer have to worry about disorganization, cramming in that small space, spilling your lunch and dinner on your reports or someone copying your answers. You can now live in your room and not just study. You can now rest easy while studying meaning you might actually be able to make up for all the studying you did NOT do during the semester.

The cloud does the same thing. You rent only the space you need, it is safer from hackers than your in house service, secure from thieves, and protected from accident prone employees. Unlike the rest of us, cloud service providers don’t have coffee cups or ramen near their keyboards or run out of storage on their macs and iPhones. In short, the cloud provides measurable storage without large increases in fixed costs that you can not afford.

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Well that is all the tech knowledge I have for now. Maybe more later. 🙂



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